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We are proud to provide personalized dentistry services for the Collingdale, Sharon Hill, Drexel Hill and Springfield communities. If you’re looking for a friendly general dentist for your entire family, call Bliss Dental Clinic today! Our routine care will help you achieve and maintain optimal dental health.


Whether you need a routine six-month check-up or a complex oral surgery, we can help you get the smile you want (with or without insurance). Our patients also have the option of joining the BLISS Neighborhood Plan, a dental savings program that helps keep costs down.  We take time to get to know each patient, addressing your specific dental problems and helping you protect your smile at every step of the way.

Comprehensive Dental Services and Cosmetic Dental Procedures from Bliss Dental Clinic

  • Teeth Cleanings 

  • White Fillings

  • Root Canal Treatments

  • Deep Cleanings

  • Oral Cancer Screenings



Otherwise known as “white fillings,” resin composite fillings are made of ceramic and plastic compounds. When they were first developed, they weren’t strong enough to be used in back teeth. With technological advancements supported by numerous studies, these materials have proven strong enough to be used in back teeth. It's now known that resin-based composite fillings provide many advantages over other types of fillings, and are favored for a variety of reasons.

Benefits of Resin Composite Fillings (White Fillings):

  • The color of resin-based composite fillings match your natural tooth color, so they are more esthetically-pleasing and natural-looking

  • They are bonded to your tooth, which means that they can restore at least some of your tooth’s original fracture resistance once placed in the tooth (which is something non-bonded fillings can’t do)

  • They are more conservative than amalgam; this means you can preserve more of your natural tooth, leading to fewer issues in the long-run, including fractures, sensitivity, and unnecessary dental work 

  • They are completely cured before you leave the office, so there’s no risk of fracture during a typical amalgam’s setting time 

  • Being plastic, they are worse conductors than metal fillings, so they result in less sensitivity to heat or cold over time

  • They act more like your natural tooth, leading to fewer cracks and fractures (which often lead to more aggressive dental work, like a crown or root canal)

White Fillings
White Fillings
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Dental implants are the standard of care for missing tooth replacement. We offer dental implants to restore your smile, from single implants to full arch restorations.

If you need to replace a tooth but don't know where to begin, Bliss Dental Clinic can help guide you through the dental implant process with personalized attention in a charming private practice. Dr. Mafa specializes in implant dentistry and can align you with the best options for tooth replacement in Collingdale. If you need quality dental implants, contact Bliss Dental Clinic today!

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We provide our patients with a variety of denture materials to best fit their needs and achieve the best aesthetics. Dr. Mafa offers one-on-one consultations and offers a variety of prosthodontics  services in an intimate office in the greater Philadelphia region.

Prosthodontics from Bliss Dental Clinic:

  • Soft-Flexible Partial Dentures

  • Non-Metal Partial Dentures

  • Complete Dentures

  • Acrylic Dentures

  • Ceramic Dentures



Conventional Dentures from Bliss Dental Clinic

Conventional dentures are made for a patient’s mouth cavity once the teeth have been removed. The dentist first removes the patient’s teeth and then lets the patient’s gums heal after the operation. Once the gums have healed, the dentist will cast a mold over the patient’s oral cavity. This molding helps shape the dentures. After the molding is set, the dentures are created according to the mold so that they fit perfectly into the patient’s mouth.

The process for conventional dentures takes time, but it can be accomplished under the care of Dr. Mafa and the Bliss Dental Clinic team. After the teeth are removed during oral surgery, the patient waits about four weeks for the mold to be casted and another few weeks for the dentures to be ready. Overall, with conventional dentures, a patient waits roughly eight to twelve weeks without teeth, which is why many people opt for immediate dentures.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures, on the other hand, are placed in your mouth immediately following the extraction of your teeth (during the same visit as your teeth removal), so they serve as a bandage to control bleeding and protect gum tissue. Because more time is spent preparing them, immediate dentures cost more than conventional dentures.


Yet there are several advantages of immediate dentures that make them worth the cost.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures Include:

  • You won’t have to go out in public without teeth following your extractions and will have new teeth the same day.

  • You can immediately start adjusting your speech to accommodate the dentures and sound like yourself again.

  • It’s easier to duplicate the shape, color, and arrangement of your natural teeth while some are still present in your mouth.

  • You’ll be able to chew and eat comfortably relatively soon instead of spending months eating without teeth.


As you heal, your gums will shrink and the shape of your mouth will change for several months. It’s important to keep up with regular dental visits with Dr. Mafa during this time so we can make the necessary adjustments.


At Bliss Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering Collingdale residents the best dentures and ensuring each patient's unique needs are met. Our team knows how to simplify the tooth removal process with personalized attention and  gentle oral surgery, all offered in a charming, intimate setting that will make you feel comfortable before and after the operation. To help reduce costs, Dr. Mafa works offers the BLISS Neighborhood Plan, a discount dental program that can help you get the dental procedures you want at a price you can afford--even if you don't have insurance. If you need to replace teeth and are ready to explore your options for dentures, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Mafa today.

Bliss Dental Clinic - Conventional Complete Denture

Conventional Complete Denture

Bliss Dental Clinic - Immediate Complete Denture

Immediate Complete Denture 

Whitening Treatments


Imperfections in your smile shouldn’t come between you and your confidence. With our cosmetic dentistry options, you can get the smile of your dreams. Dr. Mafa offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services for the greater Philadelphia region. As a cosmetic dentist, she knows the latest techniques for everything from teeth whitening to veneers. Let Bliss Dental Clinic connect you with the best cosmetic dental procedures in Collingdale. Give your neighborhood dentist a call today to talk to our knowledgeable team about which treatment options would work best for you!

Bliss Dental Clinic's Cosmetic Dentistry Services Include:

  • Veneers (Both Porcelain Veneers & Resin Veneers) 

  • Porcelain Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Laser Gum Shaping

  • Professional Teeth Whitening



Collingdale’s Source for Opalescence and GLO Whitening Systems

Are your teeth stained? Do you wish your teeth were a little brighter? As teeth age, it’s natural for them to lose some of their sheen due to things like time, wine, coffee, or smoking. Fortunately, you can erase traces of years gone with cosmetic whitening services from your neighborhood dentist. 

Invest in YOU in ’22!

If you want access to the most advanced teeth whitening technology available anywhere, schedule your consultation with Dr. Mafa today! 

Bliss Dental Clinic - Boost Whitening
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

What Are the Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth?

Not all stains are the same, and not all stains can be removed…but if you want your smile to stand out, opt for the sort of professional whitening systems that can only be found in a private dental practice. Stop wasting your time and money on do-it-yourself kits and treat yourself to a clinically-proven method instead. 

Bliss Dental Clinic offers patients two safe ways to whiten your teeth, and will set you up with either the Opalescence or GLO option depending on your needs.


Opalescence or GLO? | Which is Right for You?

We’ll Help You Decide When You Come in for a Visit

Whiten Your Teeth Like a Boss with Opalescence 

The Best Method for Newer Stains or Sensitive Teeth 

With the Opalescence Whitening System, you’ll Enjoy:

  • A Chair-Side, Chemically-Activated Process

  • A Comfortable, Light-Free Treatment

  • A Neutral pH Level for Reduced Sensitivity 

  • A High Water Content Solution

  • No Teeth Dehydration and Low Shade Relapse

  • The Perfect System for Younger Teeth and Sensitive Dentition

Remove Tetracycline Stains with Opalescence

Tetracycline stains may be the hardest to erase–but it’s not impossible! Even if you’ve been told that nothing can be done for you, your smile can still be improved with Opalescence for tetracycline stains. 

Check out this PDF to learn how the treatment works, and request a consultation with Dr. Mafa today!

Beam Brighter with Bliss Dental Clinic

Ready for Pearly Whites? Contact Us.


Whiten Your Teeth Like a Pro with Help from GLO 

The Best Method for Older Stains or Mature Teeth 

With the GLO Whitening System, You’ll Enjoy:

  • The Newest Generation of Whitening Systems

  • A Chemical and UV Light-Activated Process

  • A Gentle, Professional Whitening Session 

  • A Take-Home, Follow-Up Whitening Treatment

  • A Whitening Option that is Ideal for Deeper, Darker Stains

  • An In-Office Whitening Solution for Older Teeth and Mature Smiles

Benefits of Whitening Your Teeth at a Dentist’s Office

Gain the confidence you deserve by whitening your teeth with custom, in-office solutions from Bliss Dental Clinic.

Dr. Mafa Delivers

  • A Faster Method 

  • Superior Results

  • Little-to-No Sensitivity

  • Personalized Oral Care

Whiten Your Teeth Without Delay

A Snow White Smile is Just a Click Away
Contact Bliss Dental Clinic Today 

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