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Bliss Dental Clinic - Dr Melody Mafa

Welcome to BLISS Dental Clinic

At Bliss Dental Clinic,
We're Spreading Joyous Smiles 
Throughout the Collingdale Community 

We understand that each patient has different needs and desires, which is why Dr. Mafa will always take the time to get to know you and answer any questions you may have about your dental health. 
Contact us today to book your visit to your neighborhood dentist! 

  State of the Art Experience


Dr. Melody Mafa and the entire Bliss Dental Clinic team are committed to serving the Collingdale community with compassionate, individualized care and judgment-free attention. We want to offer honest guidance and help you make informed decisions about your smile. Our team has a genuine interest in helping each patient who walks through our door achieve their personal dental health goals. 

Dr. Melody Mafa is Your Neighborhood Dentist

Have Dental Insurance? Great! No Insurance? No Problem!

Don’t let a gap in dental insurance prevent you from getting the care you need from your neighborhood dentist! Bliss Dental Clinic offers quality dental services for our neighbors, insured and uninsured alike. That’s why Dr. Mafa’s team has developed the BLISS Neighborhood Plan, an in-house Dental Savings Program (DSP) that enables you to keep your dental health in check. You don’t need to have dental insurance to get the smile of your dreams!


Enjoy Personalized Care from Dr. Melody Mafa

Our Happy Patients 



We take pride in our work, and we are overjoyed when our efforts are acknowledged. Here is what others have said about us.

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" I have been going here for about a year and a half now. The staff is kind and courteous, always accommodating and helpful with guiding me through the insurance process. I have no words for how incredible Dr. Mafa has been. She has ever to patiently worked with me through quite a few procedures, endured endless questions and my quest for perfection is shared by the pride she takes in her work. Since I started using this office, I have moved about an hour away and still make the drive! Yes, they are worth the two hour round trip!

Note: I have a younger brother who is neurologically disabled and suffers from severe anxiety when it comes to doctors and dentists. After his first visit with Dr. Mafa, his anxiety level had dropped significant. After his second visit, he experienced almost no anxiety in preparation for his third visit. As a matter of fact, he almost seemed like he was looking forward to seeing her!!!!"

-Lisa Hosgood

Rodney's new smile reaction